Seventeen-year-old girl turns cyberbullying on its head

Lauren BrociousA 17-year-old girl who was cyber-bullied fired back at her attackers with a video that showed they couldn’t break her spirit.

Lauren Brocious, who is a senior at Millbrook High School in Winchester, Va., told WHAG she was a victim of cyber-bullying as far back as eight grade but was afraid to talk to anyone about it.

Then something happened that made her decide to take action.

“My good friend was telling that she was being cyberbullied and that people were saying not very nice things about her and that kind of gave me the motivation to make a video,” she told WHAG.

In the video titled #labels, Brocious writes mean words on herself and said that “We start defining ourselves by other people’s words instead of our own.”

“What if instead, we started wiping away those labels that people gave us?” she said about halfway through the video.

With that she wiped the words away and wrote positive words like “pretty” and “love” in their place.

Brocious then ended the video with words of advice for the more than 40,000 who have watched so far.

“Love yourself and remember you are amazing.”

Watch the video below.

Carmine Sabia


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