Doctors use Google Cardboard and smartphone to save life of 4-month-old

Lexcen TwinsA four-month-old baby from Minnesota whose parents were told to prepare for her death got a second chance at life thanks to the ingenuity of some Florida doctors.

Teegan Lexcen, one of a set of twins born to Cassidy and Chad Lexcen on Aug. 20, was born with half a heart and half lung and deemed in operable by doctors in her home state.

The Lexcens were told to take Teegan, and her healthy sister Riley, home and make the sick child as comfortable as possible until she passed, CBS Miami reported.

But Teegan’s parents weren’t about to give up on their daughter’s life.

They found doctors at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami willing to take on the tough case and those doctors devised a plan to use Google Cardboard and a smartphone to save Teegan’s life, according to CBS Miami.

They uploaded the 2 dimensional X-rays to the smartphone and placed it inside the Google Cardboard and used a free app called SketchFab which gave them a 3D virtual reality guide to perform the necessary surgery.

“The family was given the worst prognosis you can imagine, and they were told that she was inoperable. That’s a word we hate here,” Dr. Redomond Burke told CBS Miami.

“The old VR images we used to get were just too grainy not specific enough for the fine detail you need to do open heart surgery on a baby,” Burke added.

After a seven-hour surgery young Teegan is doing well.

“Being innovative seems to be the goal of this hospital and these doctors and innovation saved our daughter’s life,” Teegan’s mother told CBS Miami.

Watch the report below.

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