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Actor James Woods’ advice most powerful truth you’ll hear to start 2016

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Hollywood actor and Twitter favorite James Woods had some sage advice for his followers: “Buy more guns and learn how to use them.”

The outspoken actor offered the advice on Tuesday while pointing to the death of Amanda Blackburn, the pregnant wife of an Indianapolis pastor who was murdered last month. The post included an NRA hashtag.

Woods linked to a USA Today article that said her death was part of “an eight-day binge of random and brutal violence” by 18-year-old Larry Taylor, who is also accused of raping a woman and killing a man.

Taylor was arrested on November 23 and faces multiple charges, including rape and murder, USA Today reported. The alleged crime spree included:

• On Nov. 3, Larry Taylor, 18, raped a woman while he and two accomplices burglarized an apartment, court documents allege.

• The next day, Taylor shot and killed a man because he only had $10 when Taylor robbed him.

• And on Nov. 10, Taylor is accused of shooting and killing Blackburn, mother of a toddler who was pregnant with her second child, in a senseless act that garnered international intention for its randomness.

Social media users where in agreement with Woods that guns can save lives. Here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:

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