Doctors use Google Cardboard and smartphone to save life of 4-month-old

A four-month-old baby from Minnesota whose parents were told to prepare for her death got a second chance at life thanks to the ingenuity of some Florida […]

Seventeen-year-old girl turns cyberbullying on its head

A 17-year-old girl who was cyber-bullied fired back at her attackers with a video that showed they couldn’t break her spirit. Lauren Brocious, who is a senior […]

Watch dog get rescued from roof of house as flood ravages Missouri

Treacherous weather has caused massive flooding in Missouri. The Mississippi River has now over-topped levees in the Show Me State, flooding homes and causing massive evacuations and […]

Rapist demands victim call boyfriend so he could listen; see what happens when smart woman calls 911

A vile rapist who wanted his victim’s boyfriend to listen to her being raped was caught in the act because of his demand. Robert Giles, 27, kidnapped […]

California gun law will let police confiscate legally-owned weapons

A new California law scheduled to take effect Friday will allow the police to seize private, legally-owned weapons for up to three weeks without charges or allowing the citizen to contest the seizure.

Maryland may have to change its state song because it’s TOO RACIST

Maryland may soon be forced to change its state song “Maryland, My Maryland,” after an advisory panel said the song is too racist.

‘Personally offended’ atheists fight to have veteran memorial removed

An atheist group won’t give up the fight to have a 1925 World War I Memorial taken down because it has “personally offended” some atheists.

Report: Airstrikes absolutely ruining Islamic State’s most important revenue source

Airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq are absolutely ruining the terror group’s most important source of revenue: oil.

Actor James Woods’ advice most powerful truth you’ll hear to start 2016

Hollywood actor and favorite James Woods had some sageadvice for his followers: “Buy guns and learn how to use them.” The outspen actor offered the […]

Guilfoyle hosts live New Year’s Eve bash, reveals how she’ll top last year’s HOT kiss

Two Fox News favorites are ringing in the New Year together. Kimberly Guilfoyle will join Eric Bolling Thursday night to host Fox News Channel’s live New Year’s […]

Bullet necklace critics shut down by Trump spokeswoman: ‘Maybe I’ll wear a fetus next time’

A “bullet necklace” worn by Donald Trump speswoman Katrina Pierson has drawn the gun-grabbers out of the shadows to condemnher choice of jewelry. Proving she can give […]

Unexpected suspect arrested in Houston mosque fire case

A suspect has been arrested in charged with intentionally setting fire to a Houston mosque on Christmas Day. Gary Nathaniel Moore, 37, a devout member of the […]

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