‘You lie!’ Conflicting reports after pro-wrestler helps ‘escort’ protester from Trump rally

A protester at a Donald Trump rally in New Hampshire Monday may have gotten more than he bargained for when he found himself facing a professional wrestler before being escorted out of the building by security.

The unidentified man was reportedly heckling the GOP candidate, yelling “Fascist” as the audience around him reacted. He was quickly led out by security, smiling and waving on the way to the crowd chanting “USA.”



Of course, with multiple witnesses come multiple, and conflicting, viewpoints of the what unfolded.

Jacob Kornbluh of Jewish Insider, posted a video with the comment that the protester was beaten, though he appeared unharmed as he was led out.



Twitter users quickly pointed out what they called an exaggeration.





CNN’s Noah Gray also seemed to have witnessed a more violent scene than others. He acknowledged celebrity wrestler known as “The Punisher” who happened to be sitting next to the protester.



Gray was also promptly called out on social media.





“That’s why people go to Donald Trump rallies,” said Fox News channel co-host. “They’re wild, they’re raucous and oftentimes there’s people that want to disturb it.”

Watch the Fox News video, below.


Frieda Powers


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