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Trump’s response to Jeb’s ‘one-on-one’ debate challenge must be seen to be believed

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Oh, this is rich. Jeb Bush has challenged Donald Trump to a one-on-one debate, “any time, any place.”

Speaking at a luncheon in Palm Beach, Florida on Monday, Bush said “Donald, I’ll take you on one-on-one in a debate, any time, any place,” in response to a moderator question of what he’d say to the billionaire should he walk in at that moment.

“You name it and I’ll do it,” the former Florida governor said.

Bush is desperately trying to revive his flagging campaign, which Trump has characterized as “low energy,” marked by sliding poll numbers (Chris Christie just passed Bush in the latest Iowa polls) and small crowds.

The two men are scheduled to meet Jan. 16 at the next debate in Charleston, S.C.

What is Trump’s Twitter response to Bush’s challenge?


Social media users can’t wait for the cage match.


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