This nation accepted just 11 Syrian refugees out of 7,500

Image: Fox News

In stark contrast to other nations, Japan has generally kept a closed door to Syrian refugees, approving only 11 out of more than 7,500 applicants in 2014 for official refugee status, according to Fox  News.

Although the nation has been generous in its humanitarian aid, it has maintained a more cautious approach with the global refugee crisis, uneasy about letting outsiders in.

According to an AP report, less than one percent of applications for refugee status in the last five years have been granted. Compare that to Germany which, since 2013, has accepted nearly 40,000 Syrian refugees and even the U.S., resettling over 2,000 since 2010 while pledging to accept 10,000 more.

Japan’s immigration officials believe many of the refugees are actually just seeking jobs, and not fleeing persecution, according to the report. But even those who are not accepted are not sent back to their homes right away, with many being granted special humanitarian protection each year.

According to immigration figures, since 1982 only 633 out of 22,559 people of all nationalities seeking political asylum were granted refugee status in Japan.


Frieda Powers


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