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Social media ignites after company scrubs THIS Trump quote from bottle cap promotion

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Afraid an inspirational Donald Trump quote might tee off customers, a tea company has made the decision to scrub it.

In response to a complaint from Humane Society Vice President of farm animal protection Paul Shapiro, Honest Tea announced Sunday it was in the process of removing Trump’s quote from its bottle caps.

“If you’re going to think anyway, you might as well think big,” the quote read.

Honest Tea said on Monday that the removal of the quote had nothing to do with politics.

“Mr. Trump’s quote, which was not political in nature, was removed because it had run its course, along with other great quotes like ‘Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites,’” the company’s co-founder Seth Goldman wrote.

“There is nothing objectionable to the thinking in Mr. Trump’s quote ‘If you’re going to think anyway, you might as well think big.’ Indeed, it’s certainly the mindset that we’ve brought to our business and our impact.”

Goldman insisted that the company respects people of all party affiliations and welcomes them as customers.

Despite that insistence they made some customers very angry.

Carmine Sabia


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