Muslims IMAM tells congregation join the Army, FBI and CIA in ‘social jihad’

Imam Mohamed MoussaA Muslim Imam from New Jersey is calling for Islamic youth to join law enforcement, the Army and other institutions.

Sheikh Mohamed Moussa, of the North Hudson Islamic Educational Center, was asked by a younger member of the congregation if the Muslim faith would allow him to join the U.S. armed forces.

“This is your country and you are required to serve it rather than wait for it to serve you,” he said adding that Muslims should participate in “social jihad.”

“What does ‘social jihad’ mean?” Moussa asked rhetorically. “It means that we should join all the charities around, and compete for all the jobs and positions out there.”

“Our youths still ask us: ‘Are we allowed to enlist in the [U.S.] Army?’ Of course you are. This is your country, so why shouldn’t you join the Army? This Army was created in order to protect you,” he added.

Moussa said he knew someone who was offered a job as a doctor with the Marines but was afraid he would have to fight other Muslims.

The Imam told him he would have told him not to join the army of certain Muslim countries because “90 percent of the wars today” are Muslims fighting other Muslims but he should take the job with the U.S Marines.

“You are a citizen here,” he told his congregation. “Join the police. Why not? Join the FBI. If the CIA will have you, join it. There is nothing wrong with this. These are the country’s institutions. Law enforcement, jobs in education, join whatever you can. This is your country and you are required to serve it rather than wait for it to serve you.”

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h/t: The Blaze.

Carmine Sabia


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