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George Soros seems scared to death of these two men, more than even ISIS

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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Progressive anti-conservative billionaire George Soros whipped out his pen in fear, warning Americans to resist the “siren song” of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

In an Op-Ed published in left-wing The Guardian Monday, Soros tried to blame the Islamic State‘s success on “fear of death” and irrational behavior by world leaders, invoking “science” to support these claims.

Spewing typical liberal pablum, he painted the jihadists’ goal as to somehow get us to hate them more, giving them justification to kill us more. “But one idea shines through crystal clear: it is an egregious mistake to do what the terrorists want us to do,” Soros wrote.

If only he were kidding.

If Americans take ISIS at its word (and why not?), they want us to submit to Islamic hegemony, or die. It is certainly an egregious mistake, as Soros wrote, to do that–but his solution of “gaining a proper understanding” of the terrorists has proven to do nothing but empower them.

Conservative GOP presidential candidates Trump and Cruz seem to have struck a nerve here, prompting Soros–who has a net worth of $23 billion according to Forbes–to warn us about their seductive message.

Could it be that Soros is more afraid of the Republican frontrunners than ISIS?

Steve Berman


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