Florida Five: Cruz gets big GOP nod on Rubio/Bush turf, Florida looms as sweet primary prize

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips:

cruzfeatCruz endorsement by Florida GOP official stirs controversy in Rubio, Bush turf – In the fight for the Republican presidential nomination, South Florida is supposed to be the exclusive turf of two candidates who call the Sunshine State home: Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush. And while both candidates are racking up endorsements from elected officials in the state, it is one endorsement that neither of them got that is causing the most controversy in Florida. Read more

Florida looms large as presidential primary prize – As Florida’s GOP presidential primary nears, many experts suggest the Sunshine State could ultimately decide the nominee. Jeb Bush was in Florida stumping for votes on Monday, and, with the March 15 date approaching, more candidates will be arriving to chase the prize of 99 delegates. March 15 will also feature primaries in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina. Read more

Jeb Bush gives advice on how to take a ‘selfie’ in South Florida – While in West Palm Beach on Monday, Jeb Bush took a break from the serious topics of ISIS and bashing Donald Trump to give some tips on how to take a selfie. In response to an audience member who asked Bush a question about the role of “selfies” as a candidate, Bush gave a humorous lesson to the crowd. Read more

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Florida in 2015: Redistricting, health care were key issues – The buzzword for Tallahassee politics in 2015 was dysfunction, made worse because only one party controls the levers of power. Disputes between House and Senate Republicans over health care funding and Medicaid expansion and redistricting took center stage. In late April, the House abruptly ended its session three days ahead of schedule in the midst of a dispute over accepting federal Medicaid expansion money. Read more

What this woman did at her local Wal-Mart made national news – Here’s another “people of Wal-Mart” story … with a twist. A Florida woman driving a motorized shopping cart around a local Wal-Mart made herself at home while in the store, eating and drinking to her heart’s desire. Read more

ICYMI: Wasserman Schultz claims her kids ask THIS question about Donald Trump 

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