Debate between pastor and conservative reporter HEATS UP over Black Lives Matter; guess who keeps their cool?

When the right brings up facts and logic, the left cries “racism.”

Rev. Graylan Hagler, Senior Pastor at Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ, turned a question about political correctness into a diatribe on the government not doing enough for Baltimore during an appearance on WJLA’s “NewsTalk” Monday.

“Nobody talks about the economic disinvestment that took place in Baltimore that left an entire neighborhood [where Freddie Gray was arrested] as a bombed out zone,” he railed.

He went on like this at length, ignoring both the subject matter (political correctness) and the fact that the city of Baltimore received $1.8 billion in stimulus funds. Throughout it all, the Media Research Center’s conservative reporter Dan Joseph respectfully let Hagler have his say.

Joseph, however, barely gets his first sentence completed when Hagler interrupted and berated him.

“You need to sit down with people long enough to know something about them — to know what’s going on,” he said of problems within the black community.

But things really got heated when Joseph talked about the Black Lives Matter movement being based upon a huge lie that still persists to this day, that being, “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

Rather than offering proof in rebuttal, Hagler went on about the United States being based on a program of “systemic racism” that exists to this day.

Hagler’s rants and finger-pointing were met with Joseph’s cool logic throughout the debate.

Watch the exchange, via WJLA.

Here’s the first part of the debate — more of the same but before the fireworks hit.


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