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City of Boston on edge despite terror threat deemed ‘not credible’

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Boston Police remain on high alert despite a threat that was called in to the New York Police Department Monday as not credible.

A Fox News Channel alert reported that the FBI was continuing to monitor terror threats as airports across the nation increased security in response to a phone call to the NYPD Monday morning that appeared to threaten the city of Boston.

After receiving the anonymous call through its 911 service, the NYPD contacted Boston police with the information, according to WFXT, Fox 25. The Boston Police Department issued a community advisory on its website once the FBI and other law enforcement agencies had investigated the threat, determining that the call lacked specificity and they were questioning its credibility.



The message was reportedly garbled, originating in Bosnia, law enforcement told Fox25.

Dan Linskey, former Boston Police Superintendent in Chief and the current managing director of Kroll, a global security firm, said the city could not take any chances.

“These types of threats come in to law enforcement every day,” Linskey told Fox25.  “For the most part we’re able to say that they’re not credible, not specific, nothing to be too concerned with. However we’re in a heightened state of alert, not only in our country but around the world, and people should continue to be vigilant.”

Nevertheless, Boston police said they would remain vigilant in patrols and would maintain “high visibility with increased resources at all large public gatherings and venues.”

See the reports below, from WFXT and Fox News Channel.




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