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‘But, but, but…’ Al Sharpton flounders trying to defend Hillary’s dismissal of Bill’s ‘indiscretions’

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Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is apparently immune from being labeled sexist — at least in comparison to Donald Trump’s use of the term “schlonged” to describe Clinton’s 2008 presidential defeat.

Sniping between Clinton and Trump has been going on for days now, with each accusing the other of being sexist. The latest round by Trump was that if Clinton were to use her husband on the campaign trail, gloves would be coming off given his sexual history.

Appearing on a panel on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Monday, Al Sharpton thought going after Clinton would be a mistake because he may wake up the former secretary of state’s base of support.

“A lot of us have been saying there’s no real energy with Clinton,” he said at about the three-minute mark.

“I think for him to say in effect I’ll say what I want about women and bring up your husband. Not even you, your husband’s indiscretion might be the thing that gets a lot of Democrats and a lot of independents saying now wait a minute, are we saying now that all the things you are saying which has caused this whole problem with women, you’re going to continue to say, and your defense is going to be your opponent if he is in the general election, your opponent’s husband had a discretion [sic] 20 years ago. That’s your defense? I think it’s a really a stretch.”

Panelist Nicole Wallace remarked that perhaps Sharpton was missing the point. It wasn’t the former indiscretions Trump would attack so much as how the former first lady dealt with them.

“I think Trump’s point though is Hillary piled on to Monica Lewinsky. I think what Trump trotted out or promises to trot out are the sorts of things that she said about Lewinsky which actually came out in a Vanity Fair piece just last –”

“Yes, but, but, but Hillary dealing with someone who was an indiscretion with her husband is a lot different that you using terms that are sexist yourself that had nothing to do with your personal involvement or your personal life,” Sharpton interrupted.

Terms like “schlonged” are sexist?

That term was used in 2011 to announce the death of former congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro to describe when she was schlonged as a vice presidential candidate.

And it was used on the liberal National Public Radio.

Watch the exchange, via MSNBC.


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