Watch NBC anchor try to blatantly whitewash Bill Clinton’s ‘alleged’ affair

Now that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump made it clear that he’s going to go on the attack against former President Bill Clinton when he begins campaigning […]

Debate between pastor and conservative reporter HEATS UP over Black Lives Matter; guess who keeps their cool?

When the right brings up facts and logic, the left cries “racism.” Rev. Graylan Hagler, Senior Pastor at Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ, turned a question […]

Secret Service grounds drone in Hawaii after buzzing Obama motorcade

Not everyone, it seems, is wrapped up in Obama’s vacation itinerary, as one man in Hawaii seemed caught off guard by the president’s motorcade in his hometown. […]

This nation accepted just 11 Syrian refugees out of 7,500

In stark contrast to other nations…

Journalist reveals ONE country ISIS fears after returning from terrorist stronghold

A German reporter who spent 10 days behind enemy s with Islamic State terrorists revealed that there’s only one country in the world that the Islamists fear, […]

Isis fighters
Sick Islamic State releases new ‘rules’ pertaining to sex slaves

In an effort to curb violations of sex slaves held by Islamic State terrorists, the group’s theologians compiled a sick handbo for their proper treatment.

Muslims IMAM tells congregation join the Army, FBI and CIA in ‘social jihad’

A Muslim Imam from New Jersey is calling for Islamic youth to join law enforcement, the Army and other institutions. Sheikh Mohamed Moussa, of the North Hudson […]

Muslim ACLU director ‘emphatically’ refuses to condemn Islamic terrorism

A deputy director for the Michigan chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union stated that she “emphatically” refuses to condemn Islamic terrorism “just because I’m Muslim.” In […]

British government says atheists don’t deserve equal time in schools

The top education official in the United Kingdom made waves by instructing public schools to teach students that Britain is a Christian country, and saying religious views can be prioritized over those of atheists.

jerry lewis
Iconic entertainer Jerry Lewis blasts Obama, praises Trump, says one president ‘so good’ can’t talk about it

Legendary actor-director-comedian Jerry Lewis blasted President Barack Obama’s policy in the Middle East, stating that he wasn’t prepared for the Islamic State and suggesting that he’s not […]

Muslims hilariously troll ISIS leader trying to recruit online; ‘your dental plan sucks’

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released a video the day after Christmas calling for Muslims to join his terrorist group and Muslims have responded. Just not […]

Young couple receives brutal public caning for breaking Sharia law

The brutality of Sharia law played out in front of hundreds of spectators in Indonesia. Two university students, and Nur Elita, 20 and an Wahyudi Saputra, 23, […]

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