Why is Trump so furious with Virginia’s state Republican Party?

The Republican Party for the state of Virginia is now requiring that anyone who votes in that state’s GOP primary will have to sign a form indicating that the voter is, in fact, a Republican.

Virginia, however, is an open primary state, meaning that anyone of any political stripe can vote in the party primary election of their choice.

This got party front-runner Donald Trump pretty steamed. And when he gets steamed, he takes to Twitter. This was no exception.

First the Republican National Committee required Trump to sign a loyalty oath; now the Virginia GOP is requiring the same of its primary voters. The real estate mogul thinks the fix is in — and it’s against him.

Virginia GOP leadership disagrees.

“As this Statement of Affiliation gets discussed, many in the media are misconstruing its intent and terminology,” Virginia GOP executive director John Findlay said in a statement. “It is not an ‘oath’ or ‘pledge’ in any way. It is not targeting any candidate, group of voters or an unreasonable barrier to voting. These nine words were used specifically to avoid any confusion or reference to past attempts. Requiring the signing of a Statement is a far lower barrier to participation than in States that require Party registration for voters participation in primaries.”

Virginia’s primary will be held on Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016.




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