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What this woman did at her local Wal-Mart made national news

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Here’s another “people of Wal-Mart” story … with a twist.

A Florida woman driving a motorized shopping cart around a local Wal-Mart made herself at home while in the store, eating and drinking to her heart’s desire.

Josseleen Elida Lopez, 20, was arrested by the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office after she consumed $32.36 worth of food and wine, according to WFLA-TV.

Source: Citrus County Sheriff’s Office

Included among her dining choices were cinnamon rolls, mini muffins, sushi, a rotisserie chicken with sauce and two bottles of S. Home wine.

A loss prevention employee took the hungry shoplifter into custody after seeing her helping herself while riding around the store.

Deputies found two empty syringes on Lopez, one in her purse and one in her backpack, WFLA-TV reported. She admitted to the officers that she had used the syringes to inject crystal meth earlier.

Lopez told deputies that she was homeless and said she ate the food because she was hungry, but didn’t want to bring it outside of the store.

She faces shoplifting and drug paraphernalia charges.

Tom Tillison


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