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Wasserman Schultz uses her kids to slam Trump – are they ‘fair game’ now?

Image: NBC (screen grab)

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz said her daughters asked her a tough question about Donald Trump: “Mom, why is he so rude?”

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman responded to Trump’s latest criticism of Hillary Clinton using her husband former President Bill Clinton more actively in her campaign.

Speaking above the laughable graphic which read “sexism in politics,” Wasserman Schultz called Trump “an equal opportunity insulter,” and accused him of using “vulgar invective and rhetoric.”

“So much so that my own daughters, when seeing his commentary on TV, ask me, ‘Mom, why is he so rude?'” she added. “That’s not what we should strive for in holding up presidential candidates on either side of the aisle.”

To liberals like Wasserman Schultz, it’s apparent that political correctness and not offending anyone is more important than the truth. The Clintons have been caught in more lies than most people can count, yet she criticizes a New York real estate developer of bringing his campaign “to the lowest steps.”

“We’re supposed to want our children to emulate at least the leadership and values, even if you don’t agree with them, of our presidential candidates,” she said. Maybe Wasserman Schultz should explain why Hillary Clinton lies so much to her children and teach them why that’s wrong. It might answer the question of why Trump seems rude.

Watch the video clip from “Meet the Press” below:

[wpvideo rwLYYc83]

Steve Berman


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