Everything’s about to change: Team Trump announces 2016 strategic move

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has been so good with earned media that his campaign has spent next to nothing on advertising, but that’s about to change.

Despite setting a budget of $25 million, Trump has had the luxury of holding his money because polls show him with big leads both nationally and in most states, but campaign sources say they will soon launch a major ad blitz that could change the campaign landscape, according to Fox News’ Howard Kurtz.

As if Trump’s rivals in the GOP primary didn’t have enough to worry about.

The blitz could cost anywhere from $2 million a week to $10 million, and will focus on Trump’s vision and stance on key issues, according to Kurtz.

“He’s got one advantage over every other candidate running for president, which is that he can open his checkbook and write a check to cover whatever it takes to saturate the airwaves,” Kurtz said.

The campaign said if the competition attacks Trump with negative commercials, they’ll adjust their focus.

“If you attack Trump, he will attack you 10 times as hard,” an adviser said, according to Fox News. “We will not allow any attack to go unanswered.”

In addition to the coming ads, the campaign responded to criticism that Trump is not be doing what it takes in the ground game by noting that they’ve hired 17 paid staffers in Iowa and 15 in New Hampshire.

Tom Tillison


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