Cops outnumbered as 2000 unruly teens shut down mall

A Kentucky mall reopened Sunday, a day after a barrage of teenage miscreants caused disturbances that forced its closure.

The young hoodlums, as many as 2,000, descended on the Mall St. Matthews Saturday, fighting, harassing stores employees and customers and causing enough of a commotion that police had to bring in backup to subside the disturbances, yet not one person was arrested, according to the Toledo Blade.

“We were largely outnumbered, and our focus was on restoring order and dispersing the crowd,” St. Matthews police spokesman Officer Dennis McDonald said. “And we were focused on the safety of patrons and of our fellow officers. Certainly, if they were assaulting innocent people, police would have made arrests.”

The first call of disorderly conduct came in to police around 7 p.m. and the situation quickly grew out of control causing the mall to close its doors early to after Christmas shoppers, the Blade reported.

There were reports of gunshots fired but police found no evidence to corroborate those reports.

Some minor injuries were also reported, according to the Blade.

Police believe the teens may have coordinated the disturbance.

“We think they were communicating using social media,” McDonald told the Blade. “They would disperse and then all of a sudden there would be another group congregating at another location.”

Police said they are planning to meet with mall management to discuss ways to avert similar situation in the future.

“It’s private property,” McDonald said. “Maybe there are some rules that they can put into place.”

Or, you know, maybe arrest some of them and show them that despite what they see on TV they cannot just do whatever they want with no consequences.

Watch a CBS News report on the incident below.

Carmine Sabia


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