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CNN host embarrasses herself with this ridiculous question about Bill Clinton

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Liberal women will go after anyone who even remotely appears that they might have a shred of sexism in them unless that man is former President Bill Clinton.

On Monday CNN anchor Deborah Feyerick became a verbal contortionists as she tried to brush away Clinton’s past transgressions which included an impeachment over sexual activity with his intern Monica Lewinsky and a barrage of sexual harassment lawsuits by female former staffers.

Feyerick said Trump is “going there” in calling out the former president and using his checkered past with women as a way of going after Hillary. You know, like the way Hillary calls any criticism of her record a sexist attack.

The anchor’s most outrageous moment came when she sugar-coated Clinton’s sexual history when she asked “is Bill Clinton sexist or does he just like women?”

Feyerick mentioned several women former President Clinton appointed to high-ranking positions to prove her point.

Unfortunately the list of women who have accused him of sexual misconduct is equally long, if not longer. A fact Feyerick didn’t bother to mention.

Fortunately CNN political commentator Amanda Carpenter and Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes hit her with the hard facts.

Watch the segment below.

[wpvideo BzEdh8TJ]

Carmine Sabia


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