Obama has vomit-inducing audacity to warn 2016 candidates about ‘trappings’ of fame

Lecturer in chief Barack Obama— heof Greek columns fame — had the vomit-inducing audacity to caution those running for president in the 2016 election that fame is […]

Trump has much sweeter side, see what he did for THIS farmer

GOP presidential candidateDonald Trump has crafted a reputation as a tough man who speaks his mind and doesn’t suffer fools or political correctness. But beneath the gruff […]

CNN host embarrasses herself with this ridiculous question about Bill Clinton

Liberal women will go after anyone who even remotely appears that they might have a shred of sexism in them unless that man is former President Bill […]

Everything’s about to change: Team Trump announces 2016 strategic move

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has been so good with earned media that his campaign has spent next to nothing on advertising, but that’s about to change. […]

Muslim teacher sues for religious discrimination, FBI called in after alleged threat

A New Jersey school board called the FBI on a Muslim teacher after it didn’t renew her contract because, it said, she made a threat. Sireen Hashem, […]

Samuel L. Jackson hoped San Bernardino terrorists were ‘crazy white dude and not some Muslims’

When he first learned of the terrorist attack in San Bernardinothat claimed the lives of 14 people,elitist Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson said he was hoping the […]

Video: CNN anchor passes out during live broadcast

CNN anchor and correspondent Poppy Harlow passed out during her broadcast on live TV Monday. Immediately after CNN correspondent Becky Anderson gave an update on Iraq’s fight […]

Not so fast, Bernie; Trump says you’re a ‘wacko’ and he’ll be getting YOUR voters

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump hit backatDemocratic contender Bernie Sanders effort Sunday on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” to make a play forhis supporters, claiming the Vermont […]

Rahm Emanuel’s so bad, Al Sharpton’s praising Rudy Giuliani

Civil rights activist and noted rabble-rouser Al Sharpton has called for and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to step down. Sharpton was one of the fill-in hosts on […]

Furious lawmakers consider stripping Virginia gov of armed protection, ‘since he’s so afraid of guns’

After Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his attorney general, both Democrats, stripped its recognition of concealed carry holders from 25 states, Republican lawmakers are fighting back. They’re […]

Conservatives announce 2015 ‘Man of the Year’

Front Page Magazine announced it’s “Man of the Year” for 2015

What this woman did at her local Wal-Mart made national news

Here’s another “people of Wal-Mart” story … with a twist. A Florida womandriving a motorized shopping cart around a local Wal-Mart made herself at home while in […]