Trump tells opponents to bail on debate because it’s demeaning to be on ‘kids stage’

After all of their battles at the Republican debates it may come as a shock that Donald Trump is agreeing with Rand Paul about anything.

That is until you realize what they are agreeing about.

On Wednesday Paul told Fox News Radio’s “Kilmeade and Friends” that he would not participate in a “second tier debate” if he were to be bumped from the main stage at the upcoming Republican presidential debate to air on Fox Business Network on Jan. 14.

Trump couldn’t agree more.

The Republican presidential front-runner told “Fox & Friends” Sunday that it was time for more candidates to drop out of the race to give more time to the real contenders.

“I agree with Rand Paul. I wouldn’t want to do that either,” he said. “They call it the child’s stage or the children’s stage. Lots of very demeaning names. Now, you know, I guess some things come out of it but, so far, not much has come out of it and I think that, frankly, it’s very demeaning for a United States senator to be on a secondary stage. Especially when he was really one of the front-runners at the very beginning.”

Trump said the field should be “down to four or five candidates” so they had more time to speak at the debates to discuss the issues in detail.

Watch the clip below.

Carmine Sabia


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