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Trump goes after Gowdy for supporting Rubio

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Conservative favorite Trey Gowdy is headed to Iowa with Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio but Donald Trump is not impressed.

“I just read about that and I hope he does a better job than he did frankly in the Benghazi hearings because they were a total disaster,” Trump told “Fox & Friends” on Sunday.

Gowdy has said his travelling with Rubio isn’t necessarily an endorsement but Trump argued that it might as well be and said many people on Twitter are upset with Gowdy for backing Rubio who has “been very strong for amnesty and very weak at the border.”

He said Gowdy’s failure in the Benghazi hearings hurt the country.

Trump also expressed himself with tweets:

“Everybody was looking forward to something that was going to be really productive and he didn’t win with those hearings. It was a total not good for Republicans and for the country,” Trump said. “I mean, beyond Republicans, it was very bad for the country. So I hope he does a lot better for Marco than he did for the Benghazi hearings because they were not good.”

Watch the segment below.

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