Trey Gowdy makes surprising announcement; gets pummelled by his fans

Not only did Rep. Trey Gowdy just announce who he’ll be supporting as president, but also that he plans to join him on some campaign stops. His choice is going to raise some eyebrows of many conservatives.

The South Carolina Republican firebrand is placing his bets on the senator from Florida — Marco Rubio.

Townhall’s political editor Guy Benson tweeted:

It didn’t take much longer for the rumor to be confirmed.

Given that Gowdy’s conservative credentials are unquestioned, this is a huge score for the Rubio camp.

Benson wrote in Townhall:

Gowdy is well regarded by the base, elements of which practically begged him to run for Speaker of the House.  But we’re in the midst of an unique campaign cycle in which traditional political rules don’t seem to apply — so will this have an impact, either in Iowa, or in Gowdy’s native South Carolina?  Stay tuned. At the very least, Rubio must be pleased to have secured the conservative Congressman’s backing, and to have boxed out his presidential competitors for Gowdy’s semi-splashy, potentially-impactful endorsement.


Gowdy fans weren’t so sure of his choice, however. To say they were disappointed would be a huge understatement.

Conservatives are noted for playing their cards close to their chest. This is probably one time Gowdy should have done exactly that.


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