Iraq War veteran saves trapped teen from Christmas morning fire

It was all in a days work for a man with a history of serving his country.

Yonkers Fire Department Lieutenant Danny Nee found himself in the spotlight after he saved a teenage girl trapped inside a third floor Bronx apartment on Christmas morning, Fox 5 New York reported.

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“You see a 16 year-old girl hanging out of the window, you gotta get to her and get her out of the apartment,” Nee said.

Saying she needed it more than he did, Nee explained that when he made it to her bedroom, he took his mask off and threw it to the terrified girl.

“You could see the terror in her eyes,” he said. “She had woken up to a smoke-filled apartment, it was scary.”

Nee, an Iraqi War veteran, isn’t about to call himself a hero though, saying that is what they are there for.

Even on Christmas.

“That’s what we train for, that’s what we’re here for,” he told Fox 5 New York. “We were happy to have the opportunity to get someone’s 16-year-old’s daughter home for Christmas today.”

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