ABC News’ Jonathan Karl desperately tries to get Supreme Court justice to talk about Trump

In a rare TV interview, ABC News’ Jonathan Karl tried to get a U.S. Supreme Court justice to talk about what all the Sunday talk shows eventually talk about — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

But Associate Justice Stephen Breyer would have none of it.

While discussing past Supreme Court wartime cases, Breyer opined on “This Week” at about the 2:30 mark that a decision like the one in 1944 that allowed for the placement of 70,000 Japanese citizens into internment would unlikely to be repeated today.

“Because this country has developed a stronger tradition of civil liberties,” he said.

Karl used this to segue into rhetoric used by the GOP front-runner.

He asked the justice his opinion of Donald Trump proposing “a ban on one religious group coming into the United States.”

“I think every person in the United States has a right to an opinion on that which he can express publicly except for me.”

That should have been the end of it. He stated in no uncertain terms that he could not — as a sitting justice of the Supreme Court — give political opinions.

Karl couldn’t let it go, however. He asked if he would retire if Trump became president, knowing that he would nominate his replacement.

Breyer wouldn’t fall for it, however.

“I know you’re asking a direct question, and I’m giving you an indirect response,” he said.


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