Tapper questions Cruz for using WaPo cartoon of his girls for fundraising

There was no shortage of people in the media eager to downplay the rank, inexcusable Washington Post political cartoon depicting Ted Cruz’s daughters as moneys.

The Republican presidential contender was understandably outraged, but some in the media, particularly at CNN, were quick to point to Cruz mentioning the incident in a fundraising email to somewhat mitigate editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes’ despicable actions.

Naturally, the Obama-adoring media would never think to hold the current occupant of the White House to such an exacting standard. Even though the Obama campaign was quick to use the family, as noted by the website WeaselZippers:


CNN’s Carol Costello and Dana Bash, chief among others, helped breathed life into the narrative that the Texas senator’s actions were as egregious as that of Telnaes, according to Newsbusters.

“I will say… the fact that Ted Cruz is raising money off a controversy that involves his children is kind of weird,” Costello said on Wednesday’s program.

“He’s now using that cartoon, showing that cartoon, trying to use that cartoon to raise $1 million,” Bash said the same day. “That’s somewhat controversial.”

Jake Tapper did his part as well, confronting Cruz campaign spokesman Rick Tyler on Thursday with the idea that somehow the fundraising email was more damaging than the cartoon itself.

“Is it not now possible that since The Washington Post has apologized and taken the cartoon down that more people have now seen this cartoon because of Senator Cruz emailing it out?” the CNN host asked.

“We couldn’t possibly raise the money that the damage a cartoon like that causes,” Tyler said, adding that the campaign must raise money to counter the “falsehoods put out” by the media.

Tom Tillison


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