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White House gingerbread display leaves bad taste in mouths of Americans

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On Christmas Eve, the Obama White House posted on social media a photograph of a huge ginger bread house on display in the executive mansion, which had some Americans thinking more Marie Antoinette than Merry Christmas.

Let them eat gingerbread,” one social media user said in response.

The 500-pound gingerbread house is an exact replica of the White House and was designed by Executive Pastry Chef Susan Morrison.

“A lot of love goes into this 500 pound gingerbread house!” Morrison is quoted in the White House post.

Interestingly, The Associated Press noted that this year’s gingerbread house differs from past efforts in a not-so-subtle way … Morrison used dark chocolate “instead of white chocolate as in years past.”

Included among the reactions on social media was a reminder that some Americans struggling in a tepid Obama economy don’t have the luxury of affording to build a gingerbread house of their own.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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