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Kid becomes viral star when he has meltdown over wrong Christmas gift

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Ah the joy of a child’s face on Christmas morning.

Well, most children anyway.

There was at least one kid, and likely more as each new generation seems to believe they are even more entitled than the one before, that was not happy with one of his Christmas presents.

And he wasn’t shy about letting it be known.

You bought me 2k15 instead of 2k16,” he shouted as he unwrapped his present, a reference to the line of video games produced for World Wrestling Entertainment.

“It was out of stock,” a woman replied.

“What the hmmmmmmm,” he shouted back and she slammed an empty box to the ground.

The tantrum was enough to get the attention of WWE Games, after it was posted to Twitter by his sister, who reached out to the person who posted the video to let them know it could rectify the “problem.”

Others on social media thought the belligerent child didn’t deserve anything.

Carmine Sabia


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