Is Trump about to do something that ‘would make Hillary Clinton very happy?’

Image: Fox News screengrab

Donald Trump may be the only GOP candidate who would dare to attack Hillary Clinton by criticizing her husband Bill, but some Fox News panelists think it’s a strategy that would backfire.

In a Fox News Channel “Special Report” on  Thursday, Charles Krauthammer said that though it could work, going after the former president is “too toxic” and may backfire by creating sympathy for Hillary Clinton.

“If you want to do it, it’s extremely high stakes,” Krauthammer said. “Trump is a guy who will do high stakes. I can’t see anyone else who does it.”

Trump tweeted a reply to Clinton’s remarks about his bigotry and sexism, saying “Be Careful!” The Republican front-runner has been hinting for a few days on Bill Clinton’s past, but the idea may not work to Trump’s advantage, according to the Fox panelists.

“If he starts a fight over Bill Clinton with Hillary, that would make Hillary Clinton very happy,” said David Drucker, of the Washington Examiner.

This, Drucker believes, would keep the candidates in the media spotlight and would ultimately benefit Democrats. “The good thing about that for Democrats is that every day that he (Trump) owns the media, is another day the other Republican candidates – a few that could actually beat her – are kept out of the spotlight.”

Watch the video report, below, with the Trump discussion beginning at the 5:40 mark.



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