Hoverboard fall videos will make you glad you didn’t get one!

Hoverboards have been all the rage this Christmas season … at least until folks actually get on the self-balancing boards.

Christmas morning saw plenty of spills for those lacking the delicate skill of balancing ones self, not to mention plenty of video clips on social media capturing folks at their most “awkward” moment.

The trendy gift runs about $300 to $500. Cheaper models are available, but knockoffs have been known to catch fire while in use —  due to the lithium batteries — which adds a whole new element to the inherent risk of falling.

As for falling, that in itself can pose a serious safety risk.

Here’s a sampling of video clips of people “mastering” the intricacies of hoverboards, as seen on Twitter. Let’s hope that everyone is OK.


Tom Tillison


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