Start cringing. . . worst selfies of 2015

Mashable published its list of the worst selfies taken during 2015, and a few of them were noted by BizPac Review throughout the year.

“Some are insensitive, some are ill-advised and some are just really … bad,” Chloe Bryan wrote in Mashable. “Behold, the worst selfies of 2015.”

Heartless, cruel … and a Democrat

Mashable’s number one pick was one that drew BPR’s attention — and not at all favorably.

In March, an explosion caused by a gas leak in New York City’s East Village left 25 people injured. But at least one classless loon saw it as an opportunity to prove “I was there.” So she snapped off an image of her grinning like an idiot in the foreground while destruction and heartache were displayed behind her.

She also displayed a classic “V” with her fingers, either as a peace sign or “V” for victory.

Diona Vaughan then posted the photo on her Twitter feed.

Upon further investigation, it was learned that Vaughan was a spokeswoman for the Democratic Party.

Dumb and Dumber

Another selfie that made Mashable’s list of the year’s 10 worst made BizPac Review’s list for two of the dumbest criminals in history.

After John Mogan, 28, and Ashley Duboe, 24, robbed an Ohio bank, the dimwitted duo decided to brag about it on social media. They took selfies of themselves with their ill-gotten gains and posted the photos on Facebook.


The next photo they had taken of themselves was in booking.


Don’t try this at home

This one is a video selfie of a group of young friends singing Player’s “Baby Come Back” while on their way to Busch Gardens.

The person who posted the video to YouTube credited “the driver for handling it as well as she did.”

Actually, the day would have gone a whole lot better had the driver concentrated on her driving rather than the cell phone that recorded the event.

Right after its founding in Aberdeen, Scotland, Mashable was noted by Time magazine as one of the 25 Best Blogs. Since then, it moved its headquarters to New York City and the site has continued to grow.

You can catch their other seven worst selfies by clicking here.

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