Go-Pro video: Skydiver’s harrowing last jump

Image: 13WMAZ

A Georgia skydiver made his 167th jump–he wanted it to be his final jump–and nearly died in the attempt.

Dan Jeffers, 58, of Forsyth, was hooked on jumping out of airplanes. He told 13 WMAZ that he jumped just about every weekend for the past two years.

“That was my 167th jump and my second jump of that day, and that was gonna be my last jump,” he said.

But something went terribly wrong.

“On landing, it just didn’t go so good,” Jeffers said. “I miscalculated and the wind took me out a little bit and in landing, (I was) trying to avoid a power line and some trees. A gust of wind made sure I didn’t avoid the tree.”

Was he scared?

“There’s no time to be scared. It’s not there,” he said. “There’s no fear it’s just ‘oooh this is gonna hurt.'”

Jeffers broke his legs, feet, ankles, and back in the accident, which happened in late October. He’s only beginning to recover from his injuries.

“It completely broke and shattered my left foot and ankle. It shattered my right heel and I’ve got some kind of network of titanium in that foot,” he said. “Now, they just pulled the pins out of my foot a few days ago.”

Despite his brush with death, Jeffers still loves the freedom of falling through the sky, and he said he’d do it again.

“Every jump is a little different and every jump just lets you be free,” he said. “I’d do it again today. Absolutely. It’s a wonderful thing to do.”

Watch the harrowing GoPro video of Jeffers jump below:

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