Kids ride on roof of minivan to see Christmas lights – outrage follows

“Go big or go home” is a saying many Texans seem to embrace.

Not only are the Christmas decorations in Texas big, some say a family who came out to see them risked their children’s lives and limbs to get the very best viewing.

Jeremy Barron was taking video in his League City neighborhood when children riding on the roof of a minivan passed.

The vehicle appeared to be moving slowly, but for many, including Barron, the risk just wasn’t worth it. After posting the video to YouTube he told local KTRK News the move was “insane.”

“As I passed by them I saw the kids sitting on the roof and it just blew my mind,” Barron said. “I can’t believe someone just put their kids on the roof of a car and just drive thru the neighborhood like that.”

Barron said he had no idea who the family was, and several other witnesses notified police, according to KTRK.

Although authorities haven’t been able to track the family down, many fear they will do it again.

And then there are those who say, live and let live.

Barron’s YouTube feed had comments calling him a “party-pooper” and a “Grinch” for posting the video.

What say you?


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