Hillary’s attempt at relating to Latina grandmas goes horribly wrong

In her relentless pursuit to be relatable, Hillary Clinton released a patronizing online post aimed at potential Hispanic voters.

The campaign post titled “7 ways Hillary Clinton is just like your abuela” was a thinly veiled attempt at showing Clinton’s grandmotherly side.

“Abuela” is Spanish for grandmother, and probably not coincidentally the video was released the same day Clinton’s daughter Chelsea announced she is pregnant with Hillary’s second grandchild.

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The short list of Clinton’s Latina grandmother attributes include, using “respeto” or “respect,” worrying about children “everywhere”, and touting she always knows best.

It also takes a dig a Donald Trump, saying Clinton has but one word for him, “Basta!” which means “enough.”

But all the tough talk mixed with warm-fuzzies couldn’t quell the backlash that was headed Clinton’s way.

It seems there are quite a few people who regard their grandmothers more highly than Clinton, and didn’t appreciate the comparison.

Even more so, the politically correct, highly sensitive culture the left created blasted Clinton’s campaign post for stereotyping. Let’s just say the picture at the end of the post showing a chummy Clinton with Latin singer Marc Anthony didn’t go over so well.

Hence, the hashtags #NotMyAbuela and #NotMiAbuela were born and folks expressed their bitterness over the stunt for a host of reasons:

Looks like the Clinton camp was feeling the heat and thought maybe a quick reworking of the post’s headline would help. Not so much.


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