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‘I choose family’: Faced with tough decision, these kids make amazing choice

Image: YouTube screengrab

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One group of kids had to make an excruciating decision about Christmas gifts recently, but their amazing – and quick – choices will warm your heart.

In a video by UPtv, children from the Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Club were asked what their Christmas gift wish was and then, what their parents would like.

According to UPtv, 83 percent of the children in Boys & Girls Club centers are from low-income families. Many of the families can’t even afford a Christmas tree, let alone gifts.

Presented with the wish list gifts they mentioned, the kids in the video are then told they can have either their own gift or choose the one for their parents. Their reactions are amusing, every one of their faces showing the emotion raging inside as they sit within inches of their dream gift.

But, one by one, the video shows each child making the ultimate sacrifice and choosing the parent’s gift. Not one chose differently. One girl even explained that if she chose the gift for herself, “my mom will lose something,”

In a simple explanation that belies his age, one boy shared why he chose the gift for his dad over himself.  “Because Legos don’t matter,” he said. “Your family matters. Not Legos, not toys. Your family. So, it’s either family or Legos, and I choose family.”

The children were then told, because of their generosity, they would be able to have BOTH gifts. Some had a hard time holding back tears, with one boy telling his teary-eyed mother after they were reunited “I was crying too.”

The video, which has been seen over 2 million times, is an effort to reach people with the simple message of giving to others who are not so fortunate. The video ends with these words: “If these kids can give up what they wanted for Christmas, then so can we.”

Grab your tissues, and watch the video, below.




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