Black Lives Matters protesters block holiday travel at major airport

The radical liberal group Black Lives Matter wants to wish you a Merry Christmas – by keeping you from your loved ones.

Wednesday’s protest, which they dubbed BlackXmas2, took place Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport as well as other areas throughout the city.

When the protesters began to move, taking the light rail as instructed, they refused to tell Minnesota Public Radio reporter Riham Feshir where they were headed — but it soon became clear.

Although the protesters were coy about their destination, the police seemed ready for them, and the Black Lives Matter participants were met with a wall of blue.

Some protesters nonetheless managed to make it inside Terminal 2 of the airport.

It’s a tragedy any time a life is taken — whether by a law enforcement officer or someone else. But making innocent people’s lives miserable isn’t the way to gain respect and sympathy. That’s what the courts are for.

And it makes no difference whether the victim of violence is black, white or brown — all lives matter.


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