‘I choose family’: Faced with tough decision, these kids make amazing choice

One group of kids had to make an excruciating decision about Christmas gifts recently, but their amazing – and quick – choices will warm your heart. In […]

One man’s mission to honor our veterans turns into Christmas tradition

One man’s mission to adorn graves in Arlington National Cemeterywith wreaths each December has turned into a Christmas tradition that is now in its 24th year. Morrill […]

Man sues video game maker for ruining his life

A Russian man, dealing with the simultaneous loss of his job, his health and his wife, is suing the company he believes is responsible. The 28-year-old Siberian […]

TSA does right things; too bad it’s directed at the WRONG man

A Knoxville veterinarian is worried about Obama’s recent proposal to prevent gun purchases by those on theTransportation Security Administration’s no-fly list. Dr. Patrick Stephen Hackett has been […]

Vatican says Force is not with latest Star Wars movie – yes, Vatican reviews movies

Just because “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has bren box office records as one of the year’s most highly anticipated movies, doesn’t mean everyone likes it. Though […]

Viral video of little girl who finds Santa shopping at Wal-Mart will melt your heart

  Sophie found Santa at Walmart this evening. She saw him then kept sneaking up on him. She asked him if he was Santa at first and […]

Go-Pro video: Skydiver’s harrowing last jump

A Georgia skydiver made his 167th jump–he wanted it to be his final jump–and nearly died in the attempt. Dan Jeffers, 58, of Forsyth, was hoed on […]

Boxed piece of cake from Charles and Diana’s 1981 royal wedding fetches pretty penny at auction

This slice of royal history will cost you dearly. One boxed piece of cake from Prince Charles and Princess Diana‘s 1981 royal wedding sold at auction for […]

Start cringing. . . worst selfies of 2015

Mashable published its list of the worst selfies taken during 2015, and a few of them were noted by BizPac Review throughout the year. “Some are insensitive, […]

MRC presents ‘worst of the worst’ liberal media propaganda in 2015

Media Research Center announced its 28th annual “Worst of the Worst” awards in liberal propaganda and biased reporting, and 2015 gave us some doozies. MRC is a […]

Free shotgun with purchase: Unexpected holiday promo big success

A Florida gun store that sells both firearms and jewelry is running great holiday promotion for the third year in a row – combine jewels and guns […]

FBI closing in on Hillary’s IT guru in email probe

Federal investigators probing Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e address and home-brew server located in her New York residence are zeroing in on the former secretary of state’s obscure information technology guru as the key to unraveling the scandal.

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