In bizarre clip, Chris Matthews wonders why ‘smart old Jews with cigars’ aren’t picking our political winners

MSNBC far-left talking head Chris Matthews stuck his foot in his mouth again.

On Wednesday the “Hardball” host regaled about the days when, according to him, rich, smart Jews picked the Hollywood movie stars.

He related it to politics.

“In the old days, in the thirties, the Hollywood, your remember the old guys with cigars? A lot of Jewish smart guys. ‘She’s good looking, she’ll make it. You know, ‘she’s gonna make it.,’ and they’d figure out who the movie stars were” he said as he wondered who picked Jeb Bush to be a candidate. “And politicians were like that, you know, non-Jew types. They would go ‘This guy’s got it. He’s the genuine article,’ and they’d put him forward.”

That’s about as xenophobic as it gets but, alas Matthews is a Democrat on a liberal network so expect no punishment to come his way.

Watch the segment below.

Carmine Sabia


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