Taco shop mocks thieves in hilarious surveillance video, even gives ‘mom’ a shout out


Saying they “take full responsibility for what our tacos cause people to do,” a Las Vegas taco shop released a hilarious video of their business being burglarized.

And shamelessly mocked the perpetrators in the process, even bringing “mom” into it.

In a brilliant move that will cause future criminal wannabes to think real hard about targeting Frijoles and Frescas Grilled Tacos, the establishment released a surveillance video capturing three burglars at work in the middle of the night last week — along with commentary.

Such as several “shout outs” to mom and taunting one of the suspects when he failed to break a glass door after throwing a rock: “That was weak, bro.”

One thing is for sure, whatever the crooks may have gotten away with was more than made up for with the free publicity the restaurant has received — the video is closing in on 1 million views.

Tom Tillison


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