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Trump gets last laugh on big ‘schlong’ controversy!

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Who knew one word could stir up so much controversy?

After being outlandishly accused of calling President Barack Obama a black rapist over the use of the word “schlonged,” Donald Trump took to social media late Tuesday to defend himself and to call out a “dishonestmainstream media.

At a campaign rally on Monday, the Republican front-runner offered his take on the 2008 presidential election that saw favorite Hillary Clinton fall to then-Sen. Barack Obama in the Democratic primary.

“She was going to beat – she was favored to win – and she got schlonged,” he said. “She lost. She lost.”

At the same event, Trump used the term “disgusting” while talking about Clinton returning late from a bathroom break during Saturday’s Democratic debate.

Both remarks sent Democrats over the edge, which prompted Trump to respond in a series of posts on Twitter to explain that the word “schlonged” means “beaten badly.” He also pointed to the 1984 election as an example of the media using the same term.


He then asked supporters to explain to the media that the word means.

Trump’s supporters reacted by backing their candidate … and by having a little fun. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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