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FBI releases film ‘The Coming Storm’ for active shooter situations

Image: Fox News screengrab

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Police departments nationwide are being given a new training tool by the FBI to handle active shooter situations.

A senior FBI agent was given the job of investigating active shooters and corresponding strategies after the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook, explained Fox News’ chief intelligence correspondent, Catherine Herridge, Friday.

The resulting research and film, “The Coming Storm” are being released by the FBI to law enforcement and first responders across the country.

The short film, said Herridge, “focuses on what needs to happen after the shooter is taken down to launch the investigation, aid the families and reestablish normalcy.”

The new research indicates that there is an active shooter situation in the U.S. at least once a month, Herridge reported, “a significant increase compared to a decade ago.”

One of the goals of the FBI-produced film is to share lessons from mass shootings, regardless of cause, with police jurisdictions nationwide. The film also attempts to give law enforcement direction on gathering witness interviews, clearing paths for ambulances and preserving crime scenes – all responses that need to happen within minutes of a shooting.

“One of the striking statistics that came out of the study,” said Herridge, ” is that local law enforcement is at high risk, and one in two officers who confront a shooter are hit by a bullet, and in most cases they are killed.”

Watch the full report, and the FBI film trailer, below.

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