Opinion: 11 serious problems with new Star Wars movie

Bedford’s Editor Note: This is pretty on-point, and will spoil “The Force Awakens” a lot if you haven’t seen it, and even a bit if you have. So thanks for that, Blake.

boiler room
Video of raging exec’s brutal public firing goes viral – here’s why

Cell phone video captured the very public firing of an employee by his enraged boss almost four years ago, which is now the subject of a lawsuit. […]

What some people are asking about the timing of Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy

Was Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy with her second child timed to benefit her mother’s White House bid as “thetough grandma”? That was the question posed Monday night on […]

Revised Christmas poem warns of Obama’s sneaky gift for terrorist at Gitmo

‘Tis the season to let your fellow Americans know what’s going on behind their backs. South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott released a parody version of the poem […]

THIS is a good way to get shot; watch fake terrorist backpack prank everyone’s talking about

This is a good way to get shot. A group of three Australian brothers who call themselves the Jalals have caused a stir in their home country, […]

Video: Students sign petition to ban Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ because it’s ‘racially insensitive’

To further illustrate the political correctness creeping across our nation’s campuses, Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph visited George Mason University in Virginia to see if students would sign a petition banning Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” from radio waves this holiday season.

EPA totally reverses position on pipeline

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reversed its position Sunday . . .

North Carolina committee stuns state, fails to suggest common core replacement

A North Carolina commission created to replace Common Core recently stunned lawmakers by recommending the standards stick around.

Muslims shield Christians from terrorists: ‘If you want to kill us, then kill us’

In a brave act of defying terror, a group of Kenyan Muslims protected Christians from an attack, saying they were ready to die together, according to witnesses. […]

Miss Universe
Revenge sex? Miss Colombia presented with ‘very persuasive’ offer to do sex tape

No one can argue that this week has been one for the bos forMiss Colombia, and now the South American beauty is being offered a lot of […]

Taco shop mocks thieves in hilarious surveillance video, even gives ‘mom’ a shout out

Saying they “take full responsibility for what our tacos cause people to do,” a Las Vegas taco shop released a hilarious video of their business being burglarized. […]

In bizarre clip, Chris Matthews wonders why ‘smart old Jews with cigars’ aren’t picking our political winners

MSNBC far-left talking head Chris Matthews stuck his foot in his mouth again. On Wednesday the “Hardball” host regaled about the days when, according to him, rich, […]

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