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Watch as shoppers stand up and TAKE DOWN armed robber

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Customers in a Florida convenience store turned the tables on an alleged robber, refusing to comply with his demand to hand over their money.

Surveillance footage from a Coral Gables store showed the two men shopping at 4;30am Sunday, when they were confronted by the suspect who “starts demanding everyone in the store get on the ground and start emptying out their pockets or he’s going to shoot them,” said officer Lauren Poole, according to ABC News.

Two men, whose names have not been released by police, were having none of it.

Video showed one of the men walked directly to the suspect, identified as Jovon Reddick, 32, and grabbed him as his friend joined him. In the struggle that followed, the customers wrestled with the alleged robber, hitting him on the head with an iced tea bottle and pushing him to the ground in an effort to hold him down, according to ABC.

“He just responded. He just reacted,” said Poole, referring to the customer seen in the black shirt.

One of the men tied Reddick’s shoes together and held him down until Coral Gables police arrived.

It was only after police arrived that the men found out what danger they had been in, as a loaded gun was found on Reddick, according to ABC. Though clearly shaken by the incident, the two men were unharmed, but police said the results could have been very different.

“We would not urge the public to ever go ahead and do these kind of actions,” Poole told ABC. “We are just very happy and elated that it turned out in the way that it did.”

Reddick, with his head still bleeding from being hit by the bottle, was arrested and booked on charges of armed robbery and possessing a weapon during a felony, according to ABC. The arrest report said he claimed he was “just joking” and had kept the gun in his pocket.

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