Voters in this ‘liberal’ nation overwhelmingly defeat same-sex marriage proposal

Image: Screengrab via The Blaze

In the ex-communist EU nation of Slovenia, voters sent a clear message in a referendum held Sunday.

Despite being considered one of the most liberal of the former communist nations, the mostly Catholic Slovenia rejected same-sex marriage by an overwhelming majority.  Slovenian officials released results that showed 63.5 percent of voters voted against a bill that defined marriage as a union of two adults, reported The Blaze.

The result was a “clear defeat,” said Ljudmila Novak, from New Slovenia, about the left-leaning Parliament, which introduced marriage equality earlier this year. Backed by the the Catholic church, conservatives who opposed same-sex legislation forced a popular vote to decide its fate.

Collecting 40 thousand signatures, the group “Children Are at Stake” was able to present a roadblock before any gay couples got married. The group’s leader, Ales Primc, said “This result presents a victory for our children.”

Slovenians on both sides of the issue continue to battle it out as the debate reveals a cultural split that extends into the European Union. While some espouse more western ideals and push gay rights legislation, others continue to promote traditional family values. Supporters on both sides are prepared for the long haul.

United Left Party member, Violeta Tomic, said the defeat is only temporary, according to the Blaze.

“It’s not over yet. Sooner or later the law will be accepted,” she said.

A 55-year-old professor, Igor Zagar, said his vote for equal marriage was to “support the secular state and against the interference of the church into political issues.”

On the other side of the divide, a 40-year-old mechanic, Gregor Jerovsek, said “A traditional family should remain the key value of our society,” adding that “the family should not be a field for experimentation.”

The video via the Blaze, below, was a report preceding the voting results.

Frieda Powers


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