Trump’s got competition; Cruz makes big gains in latest polls

Donald Trump is right again but this time he may not want to be.

On the “Today Show” Monday the Republican presidential front-runner said the race “will probably” come down to him vs. Sen. Ted Cruz, even after avoiding naming who he believes his greatest competition is on the “O’Reilly Factor” on Wednesday.

Now new polls suggest he is spot on.

The polls from New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida show the Texas senator is gaining fast, according to Politico.

Cruz is tied with Trump at 27 percent in South Carolina while he trails the billionaire business mogul 29 percent – 18 percent in Florida and 24 percent – 16 percent in New Hampshire.

The best news for the senator however, is the new Quinnipiac poll that has him trailing Trump by a mere 4 points nationally.

A Merry Christmas for Sen. Cruz indeed.

Carmine Sabia


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