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Former Navy SEAL has harsh advice for New Yorkers CLUELESS on ISIS

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Fourteen years after Islamic jihadis crashed two hijacked airliners into the World Trade Center, some New Yorkers have seemingly little concern about terrorism.

In the latest edition of “Watters’ World,” Fox News host Jesse Watters took to the streets of the Big Apple to ask everyday folks what they thought about the Islamic State group.

The results were less than promising.

“I feel as if we shouldn’t really be worrying about our safety,” a young woman said.

“I’m neutral about ISIS,” said another.

Not only did the folks interviewed not seem to know where ISIS is located, they didn’t even understand that it’s Islamic. President Obama would be proud.

“They could be anything,” the uncommitted woman said when asked. “They could be radical Christians. They could be radical Judaism.”

And when asked if America should kill ISIS before they kill us, this beacon of liberal thought balked at the idea.

“I think that’s just the wrong thing to do,” she replied.

Former Navy SEAL Leif Babin said it’s “just crazy” that New Yorkers are so blind to the threat posed by terrorism.

“Those people are going to get their heads cut off if ISIS has their way,” he said in response to the clip. “And the only way to live in safety and security is to go put bullets in the heads of ISIS fighters, and we need to do that in large numbers.”

Tom Tillison


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