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Florida professor offers most ridiculous alternative to ‘Merry Christmas’ you’ll ever hear

Image: Fox News video

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There’s a new holiday greeting being proposed by a University of Central Florida professor, but it probably won’t quell the “war on Christmas” debate.

The school’s news site featured an opinion written by Terry Fine in which the professor shared a fool-proof solution to being politically incorrect during the holiday season, as reported by Fox News.

“I would suggest that we take a new approach that observes “the holidays” we all have on our calendars, no matter our religion,” Fine wrote.

“My friends and I wish each other a “Happy Federal Holiday.””

Detailing how using “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Chanukah,” among other greetings, is insensitive to each culture, Fine wrote, “In our efforts to be inclusive, we show cultural insensitivity both by equating one major holiday with a minor holiday and failing to recognize that diversity includes those who celebrate neither holiday.”

In trying to avoid political incorrect-ness, it seems Fine failed to be sensitive to the numbers of people who do work on these days, whether or not the government deems them federal holidays.

“Most everyone is included and no one is excluded no matter their religious beliefs or practices,” Fine wrote, arguing that we “have no choice” in celebrating the holidays. “As long as we live in the United States, these federal and state holidays impact us equally so we might as well celebrate them equally, too.”

Whether the new greeting will be taken seriously and added to the growing list of alternatives to “Merry Christmas” remains to be seen. But Fine seems confident “Happy Federal Holiday” should be on the lips of anyone who wishes to fly under the PC police radar.

“We know that we are not being culturally insensitive by extending to someone a holiday greeting that has no meaning to them because they practice a different religion or no religion at all.”

Frieda Powers


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