Coming soon: Hillary announces ‘not so secret’ campaign weapon

SS Hillary looking slyDemocratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was joined by her husband Bill Clinton at a New Hampshire watch party after the third Democratic debate, Saturday.

Clinton teased a preview of the coming year’s campaign, indicating that her husband would be joining her on the trail.

“I think this is fair to say that starting in January, I will have my not so secret weapon,” she said. “We’re going to cover as much ground as we possibly can.”

The former president’s visit came as a surprise to the Manchester crowd, and he took a few minutes of his own to speak to them, reported ABC News.

“I’ve noticed that most successful presidents are those that get elected in a time where they are suited to govern and she’s the best qualified person for the time at the moment that I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Clinton reached out to the voters, saying that he was proud of his wife.

“This is a very, very big deal, and I’m very grateful,” Clinton said. “I was so proud of her tonight, but the proof is in the voting.”

Reminding the crowd to take a holiday break, he backed up his wife’s words with a promise.

“We got to be out there every single day after you take an appropriate holiday vacation, so I will see you in January.”

Frieda Powers


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